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This may be the most important transaction of your professional life. With hundreds of deals completed as owners, CEO’s, investment bankers, and buyers, we understand what you're going through. Greentree’s M&A model is built using this real life experience, with the processes, people, and resources to insure the job is done right. Our 100% successful track record reflects that. Greentree has developed a proven successful approach that is reflected in our strengths, and stands in bold contrast to the approach of other firms.

Senior People. It takes experience as a software industry CEO, Founder, buyer and financier who has lived the just-in-time payroll, closing the big deal and getting that strategic partner to understand the dynamics of the deal and the strategic value the transaction brings to both parties.

Commitment, Value and Execution. Greentree always has at least two senior deal makers working every account. One a proven industry expert with been there, done that battle scares and the experience to maximize strategic buyer value, and the other, a highly talented financial expert with the ability to maximize financial returns from a buyers perspective and deliver greater shareholder value for both parties. Greentree limits the number of clients our professional’s can handle at any one time.

Using CRM. Since our background is CRM, we use a state-of-the-art system to keep track of the details. We log every call, fax, memo, conference call, meeting, etc. on every software company and individual we contact. Our CRM database provides real-time information to everyone on the team and keeps us up to date on buyers, their interest, strategies, people, tactics, and vision.

It is a Global Market. Greentree maintains a CRM system and investment banking network with thousand’s of contacts from around the world. This is critical, as buyers or partners of such firms are seldom local, and many are international.

Contacts matter. Our Partner’s have been in the high tech industry for over 25 years. That means we have talked with, met, bought and sold products to most of the people who have built this industry. Our contacts are extensive and generally only a phone call away. So when it comes time to make your deal happen, we have the ability to get the right people in a room.

The “ABC’s” of the Deal. Always be Closing! You already know that nothing happens until something gets sold. M & A is no different. If your deal is to be successful, you better have the best sales people representing you. The GreenTeam lives by this practice. Buyers are overwhelmed with information and you must be tenacious in follow through to insure that the strategic message about your company is heard and acted upon. We understand hitting the number and we are pit bulls.


Taking Control
When an acquisition occurs there are many key concerns you have. Will the management team stay in place or will you need to recruit? Are adequate controls in place to protect assets on Day 1? Is there a plan in place for the transfer of control? How do we implement management reporting and control? Are there service agreements or marketing alliances that need immediate attention? The Greentree team of professionals stands ready to assist you in assessing key concerns and ensuring the acquisition meets your intended purposes.

Post-deal services begin well before the deal is consummated. Either as part of the due diligence or as a separate service we will assess the critical command and control issues and help develop plans that will allow you to take control on Day 1. We will work with management to prevent operational disruptions so that the transition is smoothly implemented.

When the deal closes is when the pressure to increase value and benefit begins. Typically management wants the deal to start performing to expectations “yesterday”. Greentree’s transition methodologies employ a set of steps that prioritize the economic value drivers and create an integration plan designed to deliver that value. We effectively manage the integration plan with a strong focus on managing the value benefit.

Our services include:

  • Integration program development
  • Organization integration
  • Enhanced process integration
  • Communications management
  • Strategies to manage the people aspects of the transition
Post-Deal Review
 Sometimes acquisitions do not live up to expectations or even fail. Greentree will conduct post-deal reviews approximately 3-6 months after completion to determine if the value objectives have been met. If necessary, we will identify the issues that need to be addressed to get the acquisition back on track. Our team of specialists will begin to analyze post deal performance items such as, sales performance, consolidation, capital management, reorganization procedures and partnership and alliance structures. Our review acts as an effective early warning system, which enables corrective action to be taken before problem multiply.

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