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Senior People. Senior Presence.
Many firms leverage the time of experienced professionals by having transactions executed primarily by junior staff. At Greentree, a partner is involved on a day-to-day basis in each of our transactions. It takes experience as a software industry CEO, Founder, buyer and financier who has lived the just-in-time payroll, closing the big deal and getting that strategic partner to understand the dynamics of the deal and the strategic value the transaction brings to both parties.

Commitment, Value and Execution.
The foundation of any successful business is built upon a strong culture – on shared values of commitment, honesty, integrity, genuine concern for clients and best in class execution strategies. Our Mission, Vision and Culture set forth the ideals we strive to put into practice every day.

Greentree is committed to—and its clients rightfully expect—solid results. We base our commitment to client service on developing an intimate knowledge of each client's needs and objectives. The Firm seeks long-term, partnering relationships with clients, the end result being our ability to provide the best total solution to the client's multi-disciplined and industry-specific needs. To that end, GP employs innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work. Greentree recognizes that our clients’ satisfaction rests on our Senior Partners’ ability to become an instrumental part of each client’s success.

Greentree always has at least two senior dealmakers working every account. One a proven industry expert with been there, done that battle scares scars and the experience to maximize strategic buyer value, and the other, a highly talented financial expert with the ability to maximize financial returns from a buyers perspective and deliver greater shareholder value for both parties. Greentree limits the number of clients our professional’s can handle at any one time.

Our Mission
To exceed client expectations by providing best-in-class financial advice and advisory services.

Our Vision
To be the most valued business partner for each of our clients.

Our Culture

  • Clients come first.
  • Integrity and strength of character are irreplaceable.
  • Knowledge is strength; learning creates vision.
  • Vision and strategies for growth are as critical as historic financial performance.
  • The best financial advice is the result of expertise and teamwork.
  • How we succeed is as important as if we succeed.
  • We seek personal balance in home, work and community involvement .

Our Enabling Technologies
In a world awash with information, insight is often in short supply. Our state-of-the-art CRM database and continual contact update process; provides real-time information to everyone on the team and gives us extraordinary insight on buyers, sellers and investors; their interests, strategies, people, tactics, and vision. The Greentree edge is its ability to leverage our enabling technologies, collaborating with firms’ partners and contacts that we have developed from the $6 billion in the successful financial and business advisory deals GP has accomplished. The result: A broader view of potential opportunities and deeper level of expertise, creating strategic market insight for Greentree clients that translates into superior value creation and transaction capabilities.

Since our background is CRM, we use a state-of-the-art system to keep track of the details. We log every call, fax, memo, conference call, meeting, etc. on every software company and individual we contact. Our CRM database provides real-time information to everyone on the team and keeps us up to date on buyers, their interest, strategies, people, tactics, and vision.

It is a Global Market.
At Greentree Partners, our CRM Database gives us global reach. Our global contacts and team-oriented approach to the array of issues that arise in complex transactions have brought us to a position of leadership in M&A Our database provides GP provides clients with a comprehensive knowledge of international markets and best practices for M&A advisory. Greentree Partners maintains contact with firms from around the world. By creating a global network, GP enhances our ability to provide broad execution capabilities and value-added services to our clients . Greentree maintains a CRM system and investment banking network with thousands of contacts from around the world. This is critical, as buyers or partners of such firms are seldom local, and many are international.

Experience Matters.
Our Partner’s have been in the high tech industry for over 25 years. That means we have talked with, met, acquired and divested for the people main players of influence who have built this industry. We have developed our deep industry wide relationships so that when it comes time to make your deal happen, we have the ability to get the right people in a room to your table.

The “ABC’s” of the Deal.
Always be Closing! Greentree is recognized for its ability to negotiate and close highly sophisticated transactions, representing public and private companies and venture capital investors in merger and acquisition, securities, spin-off and split-off and private equity transactions. You already know that nothing happens until something gets sold. M & A is no different. If your deal is to be successful, you better have the best sales people representing you. The GreenTeam lives by this practice. Buyers are overwhelmed with information and you must be tenacious in follow through to ensure that the strategic message about your company is heard and acted upon. We understand hitting the number and we are pit bulls.

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